Into The Woods...

Tucked away right in the midst of the hustle-bustle of Hong Kong's Central district on Hollywood Road is our concept cocktail bar.

The interior design of The Woods complements and expands upon the culinary experience of its cocktails. It evokes the warmth and sense of discovery of 'the woods' without taking on a literal interpretation.

From the light canopy of hand-blown glass over the stairs (Grove by Lightband Studio in New York) which represents branches and the light shining through trees, to the art pieces featured in the space (including a mural by Victoria, and the photographic prints of a radical tree 'movement' in Berkeley, California, where the founding sisters went to university), The Woods is a journey and the physical embodiment of "Komorebi" – a Japanese term for when sunlight filters through the trees and the interplay between the light and the leaves. The maximum capacity is 84 and seats 54. 

Artisanal Spirits

As much as possible, we choose to use smaller-batch distilleries with high quality products and wonderful stories.

In-House Ice Program

Our mixologist, Joe, is also our resident ice man! We make our own crystal clear ice blocks, hand-carved ice spheres, and cubes.

Market-Fresh Ingredients

We source and juice our produce fresh each day – including our lemon and limes! We specialise in using seasonal fruits and vegetables at their peak.